Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"We're Going to be a Classy Restaurant"

That's what SisIggy informed me this morning when we were discussing the soon-to-be opening of the family's new coffee shop/cafe in nearby Romney, WV. Her comment was to my question whether we'd be selling or at least serving Red Beet Eggs to our customers.

You've all seen them. If not, I have included a photo here. So I guess if I get a craving I will have to visit a buffet salad bar for my fix.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Here's an Article I Am Extremely Proud

Because it's about dogs; a young lady that shows a lot of promise, and because SisIg bailed me out and helped me with the re-write.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Animal Lives Again

Two days ago SisIggy asked if I would look at our Dyson vacuum and see why it wasn't working anymore. She told me, I turned it off when I began smelling rubber burning. She also said the suction wasn't very good either.

I finally had time this morning to investigate the problem.

Our model -- appropriately called The Animal -- as it is designed to handle dog hair (which those in the know, know we have six of them), was sitting on the living room carpet. I took a quarter to open the screws on the face cover and found dog hair (what's new) tightly wound around the beater. Interwoven with the hair was purple yarn, remnants of Sis' many knitting projects. The yarn, apparently, was also interwoven around the rubber belt that connects the beater with the motor.
Two hours later, I had it apart, the beater cleaned and everything back in place. I called SisIg to let her know that it now worked and that I had finished vacuuming. She then told me, I saw the yarn and thought I had gotten all of it.

Most of it, I replied.

As for the lack of suction, I found a slightly bent back felt pen wedged in one of the purple attachments that allows one to remove objects that shouldn't be sucked off the floor. It now runs just like new.

This posting, which reflects good news around here is also for the benefit of IH, who refuses to pay what a Dyson costs in favor of a less-expensive vacuum that when it breaks you throw it away and buy another.

Our four-plus year old Animal is as good as new.

It Kinda Looks Like Me

I can't do it justice so I will just link it here.

The Battle of Toms Brook Re-Visited

In October, 1864 the Battle of Toms Brook raged on in the fields surrounding my house. That battle became significant once again yesterday when Independent Hill and her husband, who live across the road from me, decided it was time to replace their front porch.

Some say the house wasn't built until after The War Between the States (that's what we southerners call it) but since no one is around now who was there then... we'll let our little story continue.

IH told me last night all that was found under the wooden porch were a couple broken jars, a hook of some type and the partial remains of a cat. But the rumor now swirling the neighborhood is that the remains of an Union officer was found buried under the concrete steps. We further understand that's why the steps remain today.

Could George Custer have been killed here instead of Little Big Horn? No one will know for sure but IH could be re-writing history.

Monday, September 7, 2009

WGO: Newspaper Slag for What's Going On

It's been awhile since I have posted here and the reason is simple: After having been under-employed for much of 2009 I landed a job in late August and have been working non-stop since.

Tonight, as I type this, I look forward to my first day off since beginning work. I will be resting for much of the day but do have several cosmetic around-the-house type things planned. And I will also be covering three girls volleyball matches later in the day for my moonlighting job I got in early September.

Now I hate volleyball but like the cash that I'll get, so I will learn to like it just a little bit.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bon Voyage

It was with sadness this evening that the box of tomatoes (left) decided to move a few miles down the road to live with a new family.

Wait. What am I saying. I was actually jumping with joy as I carried the 40-pound box to Carol's car.

I was even happy when she emailed me later tonight with the news they found their way into pint jars and had been pressured into a winter foodstuff.

Unfortunately, our county fair starts later this week for a nine-day run and Carol and her husband Dale have a booth, meaning no more of the red vermin will be heading south for almost a fortnight.

In the meantime, the aunts, uncles and cousins of these pesky fruit will be once again overflowing our kitchen, house and yard.

Oh, well. When SisIggy asks me to plant tomatoes next year, hopefully I will remember not to plant 40 plants. I am sure 10 will be enough.